crazy-stories-from-california-roadsCalifornia is a large and varied state, so it’s no surprise you can’t go too long without seeing something strange. Here are a few of the most bizarre things you might have witnessed while driving along this great state’s roads recently.

A Mannequin is busted for dressing out of season.

A man was caught using a mannequin to sneak his way into the carpool lane. According to Fox, carpool cheating tricks like this are common, but an officer caught onto this scheme because the mannequin was wearing a thick hoodie that seemed out of place in the warm weather.

A chupacabra is believed to be stalking Riverside County.

Some residents have spotted an animal that they’re identifying as the legendary chupacabra. According to SFGATE, the animal is supposed to be hairless, with a long snout, a rat tail and deer ears, and it may be eyeing people’s pets. Cryptozoologists everywhere must be taking note.

A kitten gets stuck on the Golden Gate Bridge.

The California Highway Patrol stopped traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge to rescue a kitten. According to a Facebook post, someone called in to report that a kitten had been seen on the bridge. Officers had to do two passes before finding the young feline, which they’re calling Bridges.

Everything is better fried.

Some unusual fried foods were served at the California State Fair. Interns at the Sacramento Bee tried some of the strange treats, which included a deep-fried bacon-wrapped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and a Captain Crunch Chicken Sandwich.

A strange creature washes ashore.

There’s a lot lurking in the ocean that we still don’t understand. One of those creatures recently washed ashore on a California beach. According to Live Science, it resembles a white, black and purple blog and could possibly be a sea hare, sidegills or limpet.

People rappel down Riverside City Hall for charity.

A Habitat for Humanity Riverside fundraiser for veterans programs had people rappelling 123 feet down the side of Riverside City Hall. A Press-Enterprise reporter was among the charitable rappellers.

Unusual scents await bus riders.

Strange smells might not be that unusual at a bus stop, but these perfumes are there on purpose. According to City Lab, a Mar Vista bus stop features a cylinder labeled “Try Street Perfume.” Willing participants are spritzed with scents with a local theme. The installation is part of the Los Angeles Department of Transportation’s Creative Catalyst Artist-in-Residence program.

That’s what we’ve come across recently. What about you? Have you seen any peculiar sights in California recently?