There are some things you expect to see when driving around California: beautiful beaches, palm trees and maybe even a celebrity or two. Then there are things your definitely don’t expect to see, so when you do, it shocks you. Here are a few of the latter, taken straight from recent headlines.

  • When you gotta go … you win a million dollars? Sometimes it’s hard to find a bathroom you can use when you’re driving around California and the need strikes. UPI reports that a California man found himself in such a situation. He went to a Rotten Robbie store to use the restroom, and while he was there, he bought a lottery scratch ticket – and won one million dollars.
  • A car crashes into the second floor of a dental office. No, it wasn’t a flying car – although pictures of the car stuck halfway in the second story make it appear that way. According to NBC, the car hit a raised median before becoming airborne. Miraculously, both the driver and the passenger suffered only minor injuries. The driver of the car admitted to using drugs.
  • Escaped animals form an impromptu midnight parade. UPI reports that a herd of escaped sheep and goats were found walking along residential streets in West Covina. It’s not clear where they were going, but they appeared to be following a donkey.
  • Contra Costa Highway Patrol pull over a Chucky doll. No, the horror movie monster hasn’t come to life. Yahoo reports that the driver was trying to use the doll to take advantage of the carpool lane. Police issued a ticket – to the human driver, not the doll.
  • Why did the chicken cross the road? It’s not the set up for a joke. It’s a question that many people might be wondering after the California Highway Patrol had to rescue around 20 chickens running across Interstate 605 near Los Angeles. According to WFMY, the answer to age old question is pretty clear in this case: The chickens got loose after their cage fell from a truck.
  • A California homeowner got an unwanted delivery. Huffington Post reports that an Amazon delivery driver pooped on a man’s driveway in Sacramento County – and was caught on surveillance camera. Needless to say, the homeowner was not happy with this delivery – and neither was Amazon!
  • A rat cancels a flight. If you think you can escape California’s strange happenings by boarding a plane instead of hitting the road, think again. KRMG reports that a flight out of the Oakland International Airport had to be cancelled after a rat hopped onboard.