california's roads

While driving in California, you sometimes see something that makes you do a doubletake. Whether it’s a strange animal, a bizarre item or something a little harder to describe, there’s plenty of interest to see in this state. Here are some of the recent oddities you might have witnessed.

Riverside residents spotted Forrest Gump running around their neighborhood. Patch reports that a bearded man wearing a yellow t-shirt, red shorts, a red trucker hat and running shoes has been seen running around Riverside for a week or so. Although the photographs back up witness accounts, it appears that the man is neither Tom Hanks nor the beloved character brought to live, but rather a dedicated man in a costume.

A giant lizard terrorizes Californians. Okay, maybe “terrorizes” is an exaggeration. SF Gate reports that the massive crocodile monitor lizard – a relative of the truly terrifying Komodo dragon – is from New Guinea. It was found in a backyard in Riverside, and it was most likely brought to the state as a pet.

A surfboard made with 10,000 cigarette butts wins a prize. NBC reports that the California surfer who won the recycled surfboard contest gathered the cigarette butts from beaches with the help of his friends.

A man’s hilarious used car commercial goes viral. NBC reports that a woman was selling her 1996 Honda Accord on Ebay for $499, but her finance’s satirical luxury-style car commercial started a bidding war that drove the price up to $150,000 – until Ebay canceled the auction due to unusual bidding activity and the car had to be relisted.

A man goes on Cars ride 10,000 times. California has plenty of amazing theme park rides to choose from, but one California man is dedicated to just one. UPI reports that a California man went on the Cars ride at Disney California Adventure a whopping total of 10,000 times. The achievement took almost five and a half years and 760 visits.

A stream of boiling red liquid runs through California. No, it wasn’t blood, but it was the result of a horrific event. KPLR reports that the liquid in question was red wine that leaked from containers melted during the recent wildfires, which devastated several California vineyards.

Have you seen any other strange sights? Let us know.

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