Californians do things differently. Life in the Golden State is always interesting. Sometimes, it’s downright bizarre. These recent stories show the stranger side of California, which you might encounter during your travels through the state.

  • Bats prosper in downtown Sacramento. If you see something flying above you while you’re enjoying a nice evening in downtown Sacramento, don’t assume it’s a bird. According to Fox 40, there’s a large and growing bat population in the area. Don’t panic, though. An expert warns that while it is dangerous to touch a sick bat found on the ground, the healthy ones flying overhead are generally harmless.
  • An unusual weather phenomenon threatens a man and his car. According to the Weather Network, a California man struggled to pull over as a highly localized cloud of dust surrounded his van. Some people think the storm was what’s known as a gustnado, but it also could have been a downburst. Either way, the strong wind and thick dust made for one scary ride.
  • An upside-down car perplexes a homeowners association. A man’s fully functional car – which happens to look like an upside-down Camaro – resulted in a warning from the local homeowners’ association. Apparently, individuals from the homeowners association incorrectly assumed the car wasn’t street legal. Jalopnik reported the story, along with some strong opinions on homeowners associations.
  • A hawk goes grocery shopping. UPI reports that a hawk has made its home in a San Diego area store. The hawk entered the store while chasing a pigeon and decided to stay there for at least a couple of days, despite the repeated efforts of store employees.
  • A duck joins the morning commute. It’s not unusual to see a duck flying overhead occasionally, but this one was flying alongside vehicles and keeping pace with freeway traffic. NBC Los Angeles has the video, so you can see the feathered commuter for yourself.
  • Morro Bay lights up. If you’re around Morro Bay, you might notice an oddly beautiful glow to the water. The Fresno Bee explains that the light is totally natural. A bioluminescent phytoplankton is responsible for the blueish-green glow.
  • A scorpion cancels a flight. According to the Sacramento Bee, an American Airline flight out of Sacramento International Airport was cancelled after a scorpion was found on board. Nobody likes dealing with delays at the airport, but it’s probably preferable to being stuck on a plane with a scorpion.

As you can see, California roads can be crazy. Make sure you’re prepared with the best auto insurance!