With beautiful beaches, amazing food, great shopping opportunities and a thriving nightlife, it’s no wonder Mexico attracts many Californians. Whether you’re visiting family or simply looking for some fun, there’s no reason not to hop in the car and drive south of the border – as long as you have the right car insurance.

Who needs Mexico car insurance?

Your American car insurance policy won’t cover you in Mexico. If you’re driving in Mexico, you need a policy written to cover you in that country. Without it, you’re taking a huge risk – one that could land you in one of Mexico’s jails.

That’s right. You could go to jail over a collision. Not exactly anyone’s idea of a fun getaway, is it?

If you cause a car accident in Mexico and can’t pay for the damage, the Mexican authorities could impound your vehicle and throw you in jail. This is why liability insurance is absolutely essential.

And although we all like to think that we’re safe drivers who won’t get into an accident, especially on a short trip, the truth is that accidents happen every day. When you’re trying to find your way around a foreign country, an accident is a possibility that warrants some consideration – especially when the consequence for failing to prepare can include jailtime.

How can you get Mexico car insurance?

There are multiple ways to purchase auto insurance that’s valid in Mexico, but some are easier than others.

First, you can decide to purchase insurance ahead of time or once you reach the border. If you decide to wait until you get to the border, however, remember that you’ll be stuck with the limited options there – whether or not you feel comfortable with the company or the contract. You’ll also have to spend some of your vacation time handling the paperwork, time that would be better spent enjoying delicious food and beautiful views.

If you want to get the hassle out of the way so you can enjoy your trip, it’s smart to obtain coverage ahead of time. These day, you can do this very easily by purchasing the Mexican car insurance policy online. This also lets you ask any questions that you have and read over the policy at your leisure.

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