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3 Topics to Address During National Teen Driver Safety Week

It’s natural for parents to worry about their teen drivers – but hopefully, they’re doing more than just worrying. October 15 to 21 is National Teen Driver Safety Week, and it’s a great time for parents to talk their teen drivers about staying safe on the road.   According to the NHTSA, traffic accidents are [...]

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California Car Seat Update – What Parents Need to Know

Car accidents are a leading cause of death for children, but car seats can save lives. Unfortunately, some children are put in danger because they are in the wrong type of car seat or because their car seat has not been properly installed. California recently updated its child car seat laws, and the California Highway [...]

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Crazy Stories from California Roads from Dashers Auto Insurance

Californians do things differently. Life in the Golden State is always interesting. Sometimes, it’s downright bizarre. These recent stories show the stranger side of California, which you might encounter during your travels through the state. Bats prosper in downtown Sacramento. If you see something flying above you while you’re enjoying a nice evening in downtown [...]

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Driving in California: How to Find a Reputable Mechanic

The engine light goes on. Although you might be tempted to ignore it, you know that will only lead to bigger – and more expensive – problems down the road. You need a mechanic, and there are plenty around. The hard part is finding one you can trust to do a good job at a [...]

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California’s New Marijuana Law Targets Drivers and Passengers

California has legalized recreational marijuana, but not everyone’s happy about it. One of the most common concerns in whether increased marijuana use will lead to more car crashes. To help prevent this from happening, California has passed a new law regarding marijuana and cars. Under Proposition 64, recreational marijuana is legal for adults age 21 [...]

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10 Fall Home Maintenance Reminders

Spring cleaning was half a year ago, and you probably shouldn’t go another six months without giving your home the attention it needs. Before you get busy with the holiday season – and before you invite your relatives over for the holidays – take some time to make sure your home is in good condition [...]

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California’s New Provisional Driving Bill

Getting a new driver’s license in California may get more difficult for people between the ages of 18 to 20. The state’s current provisional licensing program places restrictions on new drivers under the age of 18, but a new bill seeks to expand the restrictions to new drivers under the age of 21. The Current [...]

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Why Teen Drivers Don’t Always Improve with Experience

Experience makes us better – except when it makes us sloppy. New evidence finds that teen drivers don’t improve with experience. In fact, they get worse. Although it might sound illogical, there are some good theories to explain why this might happen. More importantly, there are steps you can take to help your teen buck [...]

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10 Tips for Renting with Pets

When you rent an apartment, you have a lot of things to consider – the cost of rent, the floorplan, the location, parking and any amenities, just to name a few. If you have pets, you have you even more to think about. To make sure the next apartment you rent will be the perfect [...]

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California Car Theft: How to Protect Your Vehicle

California has a car theft problem. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s (NICB) 2016 Hot Spots Vehicle Theft Report, six of the 10 areas with the highest per capita vehicle theft rate are in California. This means that car owners in California have to be extra cautious to keep their vehicles safe. What Car [...]

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