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Do You Buckle up When You Get an Uber? Here’s Why You Should.

In California, seat belts are legally required. It’s a common-sense law that saves lives. Unfortunately, a recent study found that people don’t always use their seat belt, especially when riding in the back of an Uber or other hired car. This puts both passengers and drivers at risks. The study was conducted by the Insurance [...]

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How Accidents Impact Your Car Insurance Premiums

Accidents happen. According to the Insurance Information Institute, 218,084,465 licensed drivers were involved in motor vehicle crashes in 2015. That’s a lot of crashes. Some accidents are serious collisions with fatalities. Others are merely fender benders. When you’re involved in an accident, though, even a minor one is a big deal. In addition to the [...]

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Five Safe Driving Reminders for Back to School

It’s that time of the year again, when backpacks and notebooks go on sale and school buses hit the streets.  Even if your days as a student are long behind you and you don’t have any school-age children, you’re bound to notice the start of a new academic year. That makes this a great time [...]

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Crazy Stories from California Roads – The Dashers Insurance Roundup

California is a large and varied state, so it’s no surprise you can’t go too long without seeing something strange. Here are a few of the most bizarre things you might have witnessed while driving along this great state’s roads recently. A Mannequin is busted for dressing out of season. A man was caught using [...]

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New ID Card Impacts for California Drivers

Changes are coming to California’s driver’s licenses. The Real ID Act, passed by Congress in 2005, established federal guidelines for state driver’s licenses. Since then, states have been working to bring their licenses up to the new standards. The Real ID Act The Real ID Act is the result of a recommendation from the 9/11 [...]

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Dashers Insurance Customers: Ready to See the Rare Solar Eclipse This August?

On August 21, 2017, a rare solar eclipse will make its way across the United States. It will be most visible in a path that runs from Oregon to South Carolina. In California, a partial eclipse will be visible. How It Happens A solar eclipse, or eclipse of the sun, happens when the moon passes [...]

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Does Legalized Marijuana Results in More Crashes?

Recreational marijuana is now legal in California, and stores licensed to sell pot to adults without a medical marijuana card are expected to start popping up next year. While some people are cheering the promise of easier access to legal weed, others are worried about possible negative effects, especially on our roads. Does legalized marijuana [...]

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Where to Go in Mexico … As Long as You Have Mexico Auto Insurance

When you live in California, you don’t have to go far for an exotic vacation. Whether you’re looking for stunning beaches, delicious food or fun-filled nights, these Mexico destinations are popular for a reason. Baja California       If you want to go to Mexico but you don’t want to travel too far, Baja California is your [...]

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Why Renters Need Insurance – Room by Room

Do you know how much your stuff is worth? It’s probably a lot more than you think. If you lost it all – say in a robbery or a fire – the cost of replacing everything would add up quickly. Your landlord’s insurance wouldn’t cover these items, either. Protecting them is up to you. That’s [...]

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Fourth of July Celebrations and Safety Reminders from Dashers Insurance

It’s time to break out the red, white and blue in honor of our nation’s independence. This Fourth of July, have fun celebrating our country’s independence—and stay safe while you do so. Traffic Accidents When you think of the Fourth of July, you probably think of fireworks. Or maybe you think of getting together with [...]

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